Using and Licensing Production Library Music Copyrights

Music for use in the radio - tv - film - audio visual advertising -

multimedia and games industry worldwide

MCPS/PRS - PRSformusic independent production companies (IPC) licence

(for the copying of music into TV programmes for broadcast in the UK)

 MCPS/PRS - PRSformusic licencing - what do I need a licence for?

(Purchasing a PRSforMusic licence helps you legally use and play music)

UK & European licensing through the MCPS/PRSforMusic- licenses

(International licensing through our appointed worldwide agents) 

MCPS & PRS now collectively known as

Using & licensing our Digimix Music Library production music oustide of the United Kingdom

of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is through our appointed worldwide representatives

Our music is supplied to clients being those working in the radio - television - film - audiovisual -

advertising - multimedia and games industry worldwide as digital WAV files metadata encoded

We no longer supply our music on cd, but can supply a CD on request

Request music WAV or Mp3 files

telephone: 01736 762826 - email:

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