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Catalogue 2

Panama Music Library
Catalogue 2

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Panama Music Library release catalogues of Promo Sonor International, Musik’Image, ADN Creation, PSI, Piano Bar, Corelia and Caribbean


Available for licensing and use in the following territories: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, Bahamas, Bermuda, The Gulf (Gulf states), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

All Panama Music Library music tracks are registered and listed on the Soundmouse BBC Sounds Library for auditioning and downloading for programming and broadcast use.

If releases / tracks are required by independent production companies, producers, editors, film makers, advertising agencies, broadcasters, etc, who are not using or accessing the Soundmouse BBC Sounds Library, please request any audio WAV files / cue sheets by email to or text/telephone +44 (0) 7721 449477 where we will send direct to your email inbox by WeTransfer file transfer.

Cat No: PanamaPS501

Cat No: PanamaPS502

Cat No: PanamaPS503

Cat No: PanamaPS504

Cat No: PanamaPS505

Cat No: PanamaPS506

Cat No: PanamaPS507

Cat No: PanamaPS508

Cat No: PanamaPS509

Cat No: PanamaPS510

Cat No: PanamaPS511

Cat No: PanamaPS512

Cat No: PanamaPS513

Cat No: PanamaPS514

Cat No: PanamaPS515

Cat No: PanamaPS516

Cat No: PanamaPS517

Cat No: PanamaPS518

Cat No: PanamaPS519

Cat No: PanamaPS520

Cat No: PanamaADN001

Cat No: PanamaADN002

Cat No: PanamaADN003

Cat No: PanamaADN004

Cat No: PanamaCML001

Cat No: PanamaCML002

Cat No: PanamaPSI001

Cat No: PanamaPSI002

Cat No: PanamaPSI003

Cat No: PanamaPB001

Cat No: PanamaCOR001

Cat No: Panama

Cat No: Panama

Cat No: Panama

Cat No: Panama

Cat No: Panama

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