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Music Library Credits

Our library production music has been used and subsist in many productions, programmes, broadcasts, audio-visuals, films, videos, multi-media, adverts, etc, produced by major and independent production companies, television, film / video / multi-media / advertising companies, radio broadcasters not just in the UK, but in many countries worldwide, and also by commercial record companies for general release and sale to the public.

In the UK & Republic of Ireland they include the BBC networks of national / regional television and radio, ITV network programmes and promotions (Channel 4, Border TV, Granada TV, Tyne Tees TV, Scottish TV, Yorkshire TV, Harlech TV, HTV, Central TV, Channel TV, LWT, Meridian TV, Grampian TV, GMTV, Ulster TV, Westcountry TV, Channel TV, Carlton TV, Anglia TV, TV3, RTE (Ireland), Planet TV, Rapido TV, VT4 TV, BBC Worldwide, Channel 5, etc), independent radio stations, satellite stations, Sky Television, BskyB, Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, National Geographic, Living Channel, Sky Travel, Sony, Trouble TV, UK Style Channel, Hon Cyf, CSI, Gold, TLC,etc, and cable companies, GWR Creative, Premier, Spectrum FM, Local Radio Partnership, Fox, Manx, Swansea Sound, Mercury, 2CRFM, Broadland, BBC Radio Collection, Online Downloads, I Tunes, Emusic, 7Digital, Amazon, Juno Records, Ringtones, etc, (to name but a few).

Credits include copyrights in programmes, films/videos/DVDs broadcasts, trailers, promotions and audio visual applications such as:

Get Him To The Greek (Universal Films Hollywood)
The Great Highland Bagpipe (award winning film)
It’s Not Easy Being A teen Wolf (Finnish Films)
Grandeur Nature (French Films)
Stalking Moon (Greek Films)
Time On Their hands (Irish Films),
T-Bag Strikes Again (Revelation Films Ltd)
The Really Useful Guide to Words and..(Irish Films)
Tilebora (Greek Films)
Disappearing London (Spanish Films)
The Rock Islands of Palau (Shark Bay Films)
Antiques Roadshow (BBC TV)
Country File (BBC TV)
One Foot in the Grave (BBC TV)
Peep Show (Channel4)
Watchdog (BBC TV)
EastEnders (BBC TV)
A Touch Of Frost ITV)
Casualty: episode – Falling for a friend (BBC TV)
Dalziel & Pascoe (BBC TV)
Take Me Out (ITV)
Desmond’s (ITV)
Blind Date (ITV)
Hale and Pace (ITV)
Holidays from Hell (ITV)
Lineaker In Brazil. The Beautiful Game (BBC)
Casualty: Heads Together (BBC TV)
Brazil and The Beautiful Game (BBC),
Fantasy Football Club 2012 (Sky Sports)
Sky Sports Boxing 2013 (Sky Sports),
Sky Sports Football 2013 (Sky Sports)
Pusy & Proud (Pick TV)
Pusy & Proud Disco Diva Mums (Discovery Chanel)
Bargain Hunt (BBC TV)
Lewis (Inspector Morse – TV promo)
BBC Country File (BBC TV)
David Attenborough: The Life Collection (BBC Worldwide)
Art Attack (ITV1 Network)
It’s not easy being a wolfboy (Sky 3)
Live Aid against all odds (BBC TV)
Really Wild Show: Wildest Hits Africa (BBC TV)
Most Bizarre in the World (Channel 5)
Jenny Bristows Cooks for the season (Ulster TV)
Getaways: Episode 3 (Westcountry TV)

Trading up the Sun: Peyrusse Grande (BBC TV)
Ray Mears Northern Wilderness (BBC TV)
Edinburgh Fringe Festival (BBC TV)
Men & Motors (Sky TV)
Teen Mom (MTV)
Disappearing London: Episode 5 (Sky TV)
Mersybeat: “Under The Cosh”
The Animal magic Show:Locomotion (BBCTV)Westcountry Live (Westcountry TV)
Timewatch – Black Pharoh
Little Britain (TV promo)
Welsh Safari: Beeches Farm (BBC TV Wales)
Blue Murder (ITV Yorkshire)
Lost at Sea: Remembrance day documentary (Ulster TV)
Incredible Journeys with Steve Leon – “The Whales Tale (BBC TV)
Ray Mears “Wild Food” (BBC TV)
My Life As Liz (MTV)
Newstead Abbey (BBC TV)
Pay off Your Mortgage In two Years (BBC TV)
Alan Hanson’s Entertainers -The Foreign Legion
999 International (BBC TV)
The Life of Mammals #2 (M & S Exclusive) (BBC Worldwide)
The Afternoon Play:”Get Arnie Griffin”
Pushy & Proud (SKY Living)
Grown Ups (Series 1) (BBC Worldwide)
Disco Diva Mums (Finland)
EuroTrash (Channel 4)
Caribbean Uncovered: Series 1-8 (SKY TV)
Really Wild Show Series (BBC TV)
ITV Football – (ITV)
Creative Roads – (HTV Wales)
Popcorn (BBC TV)
Fifty Greatest Documentaries (Channel 4 TV)
Sexiest Ads in the World (Channel 5)
Dinner Next Door (BBC TV Northern Irelend)
Mind your own business: Dog Groomers (BBC TV)
Hotel on Sea: Psychic Predicts (BBC TV)
Cathedral (ITV1 Network)
Seasons – Cooking with Jenny (Ulster TV)
Incredible animal journeys (BBC TV)
Missing News and Weather (ITV)
Only in America: American Dreams (BBC TV)
Landward (BBC Scotland)
Sold in 60 seconds: Episodes 1 -8 (Granada/Sky TV)



Get Away (Anglia TV), ER, House Hunters, Trading Places, Richard & Judy, Academy of Speed, West Country Dynasties, The Lost Palace of Hampton Court, 2.4 Children: “Dog Day Afternoon”, North West 200, Planet Fashion, My Parents are Aliens, This Land-St. Martins Scilly, GMTV Lifestyle-Barbados, BBC Inside Out, Ani Mates, This Morning, Action 200, Action for Sick Children, North Tonight, The Way In – Asia Pacific Project, Take the High Road, All the Fun of the Mayor, Failte:(episode 76147), Agony Again, Fashion City, Ambinza, 4 Later 4 Block 2, Uned 5, Turtles of Cyprus, The Home Show, Safety in Store, Wedgewood Vase, Channel B Jan ’99, BT Global Challenge Unveiling Sequence, UK Today 143, Living in Harmony, Exercise Consultation, Gibraltar Business Directory, Open Day, Hot Property, Perspective Plus, Campus 2000, Take Over TV: Programmes 1-8, House of Grizzle, Pop World, GCSE Drama and Theatre Art, B & R Condor, GCSE English National Curriculum, Adaptaflex, Squeeze Tape, Synco Routine, A Tanzanian Adventure, Gleneagles Promotion, North Sulawbi – Land of Smiling People, Ocean Oasis, Isla del Coco (The Treasure Island), Planet Aldabra – No Man’s Land, Aldabra the Paradise Islands, Fernando de Noronha (Island of the Dolphins), Shark Feeders, Aotearoa (Islands of Ice and Fire), Niugini (Islands of Eden), As Pure as it Gets, Air Seychelles in Flight Video, Remembrance Day, Travelfile, Cairt Turais, Meet the Ancestors, Utv Life #44, The Oxford Skelton Mystery, North East Today, Real Life, Eurotrash Goes Bananas, The Cut, BMW All the 3’s, AMDANI (4), Y Sio Anghyffredin 2, Popworld, The Animal Magic Show: Monkey Business, Surviving the Iron Age, Purple Pleasures, Horizon Furniture, Jazz Talk, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Latin Party, Swindon Waterlife, Client Logic, Celtic Gold, Techguard, Manx National Heritage, Travel File, Trading Up, Jennys Four Seasons, Day in The Life, Byker Grove:”X342”, Byker Grove:”X3432”, Beached, Living in The Past

”Surviving the Iron Age”, Month of Sundays, Midlands today, Crefydd Y Cymry, Mine all Mine, ITV Night and Day, Close Up West-Healers, Garden SOS, Love Your Home, Where the Heart is, Middle Classes their Rise and Fall, Inside Out, Nightschool TV, Doctors Living the High Life, Get a New Life-Barbados, This Morning, East Midlands Today-January to March, South Today, Chimp Eurotrash, To Buy or not to Buy-Brum Redditch, After They were Famous, Trisha, Hard Spell Abbey, As Time Goes By, Carlton Country, Nine Nine Nine Dramatic Stories, Where the Heart is, Family & Co, Life of Mammals, The Afternoon Show (Irish Films), Sherbourne School, Country Tracks, Sky Travel, Week in Week out: Date Rape, Coal War, The Best of BP in the worst of times, Blas (Scottish TV), The Home Show (Scottish TV), Skoosh (Scottish TV), Anns An Fhasan (Scottish TV), Garden Calender Episode 1 (Harlech TV), Jenny S Four Seasons (Ulster TV), , Scottish Passport: Episode 8 (Scottish TV), Back to Basics – UK Food promotion, Platform (Scottish TV), UTV Life (Ulster TV/GMTV), The Home Show (Scottish TV), News West (BBC TV), Hopeful Traveller (Border TV), Take it on (Anglia TV), UTV Live insight (Ulster TV), Looking for love: Series 4 (Meridian TV), Looking for Love: Series 6 (Meridian TV), Flesh: Episode 4 (Harlech TV), Capital Holidays (LWT), Getaways: Get 96 (Harlech TV), Summer Getaway 11: Episode 5(Meridian TV), Carlton Country: Episode 3 (Carlton TV), London’s Scariest Mysteries: Episode 3 (LWT), Lookaround (Border TV), Scottish Action (Scottish TV), How 11: Episode 13 (Scottish TV), Iolos Welsh Safari: South Stack (BBC TV), Ask the Family: A237 (BBC TV), Home learning (BBC TV), Afternoon Play (BBC TV), Iolos , GMTV: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Sark A Diary of Island Life, BBC TV: Grown Ups – EP5/series 01; Poorly, etc.

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